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They mostly eat grass, but can also eat bark, fruit and leaves and spend most of their time grazing (approximately 60%). Compared to others, the Grévy's zebra needs less water, and they have well adapted digestive systems which allows them to subsist on diets of lower nutritional quality than necessary for other animals.Horses and zebras are closely related, they’re not the same species, but they are part of the same family, the Equidae family, also known as the Equus family. Although part of the same family, zebras aren’t practical to ride like horses, mainly because they are smaller and they have a very different temperament to horses. Did you know that a herd or a group of zebras can also be called a dazzle? Zebras tend to live in sociable family groups, with Grévy's zebras forming individual units of mares and foalsZebras can fall asleep standing up as they have locking joints, they don’t have to worry about falling over, and it ensures they can escape quickly if predators are about. They do need to lie down to enjoy a deep sleep.

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