Good Morning, Africa

It is 5:15 in the morning. The morning birds sing for joy celebrating the break of dawn. Inside my tent all the lights are off, and I hear a little cricket crackling at the edge of the tent covers. Just when I turn and pull the covers over me thinking it’s still too early for me to get up, I hear a heavy, deep roar. It feels like three huge males outside my tent, knowing a lion’s roar, I know how far they are. Once, then twice, then another roar picks up.

Now it’s a vocal only one hears to understand how Africa wakes up. Like a guide on steroids, I get up, grab my t-shirt and throw it over my shoulder, put car keys in my pocket, and gather my camera and lenses. I feel the sweetest breeze of an African dawn. With my thermos full of coffee filled up last night before going to bed, I fill up my cup as I watch the sky turning from a dark, gray shower of colors, amber then a thick orange. As the first ray of the sun peeps at the edge of the mountain. I cannot help but appreciate how beautiful Mama Africa is when she gets up, and how grateful I am to be here to enjoy this.

Listen, you have only one life and a day in it is gone by and will never ever come back again. You are so blessed to be alive today. Travel, and see the world. Come to Africa, and let’s enjoy it like it is the only time we have. Good morning from Africa!

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