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East Africa is blessed with so many wildlife and nature safari destinations. From the northern part of Kenya to the southern region of Tanzania, the number of wildlife and safari destinations in between are so many, and they offer lots of amazing wildlife, birds, and plant species. 

Visiting Kenya alone, you are welcome to visit almost 56 national parks, reserves, and other community-managed wildlife and protected areas. This includes the famous Masai Mara National Reserve, known for the amazing wildebeest migration that does come every July to October of every year. 

Visiting Tanzania, you are welcomed to visit the famous Serengeti National Park that borders Masai Mara to the north, and makes it an amazing destination to spot wildebeests as well that do migrate from South Serengeti to North Serengeti. 

A combination of both Kenya and Tanzania exposes you to so many amazing wildlife experiences, and visiting destinations famous for other sightings such as Amboseli in Kenya an Ngorongoro in Tanzania.

African Safari


If you love to see the big five, big cats and you got a passion for Wildlife Photography, we will be glad to guide you through all the best places you will spot them easily and in their natural habitat. We also offer an amazing Family safari destination that is incredible and keeps families bonded due to the interactions and engagements them. 

Below are some of our amazing safari destinations in East Africa, they are the best, though we still can help you visit the most remote regions within East Africa. At Kalama Safaris, we are ready to customise and build your adventure with you.

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