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A beautiful female from Serengeti . got this shot a few moments before she killed a reedbuck

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Leopards are large cats known for their conspicuous spotted fur and ferocious hunting skills. They are very territorial and tend to avoid other leopards. As our leopard facts show, while leopards are one of the most beautiful cats in the Genus Panthera family, these creatures can also get quite dangerous and are increasingly endangered. We can also find Leopards across the broadest geographic range of all the big cats. Scattered across many countries in Africa and Asia, leopards live in subcontinents like Sub-Saharan Africa, Northeast Africa.Leopards are one of the most fascinating creatures to look at, from their beautiful and bold spotted furs to their strong hunting, climbing, and swimming skills. Read on as we plunge into the fascinating world of leopards to dig out some fantastic leopard facts.

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