Children Concern Foundation (Orphanage)


The Children Concern Foundation is a Non–Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania. It was established and legally registered with Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in 2010. The C.C.F Centre was started by renting a building at Kirurumo in Mto wa Mbu Village (Tanzania). Children Concern Foundation receives its grants, donations, tokens and support from travelers and other interested individuals. The centre can accommodate a total of 36 orphans/vulnerable children aged 4-18 years old who do not have both parents or one parent and living in a hostile environment or conditions.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy living environment including food, shelter, and clothing
  • Support and scholarship for ongoing education from nursery class to the university level
  • Support those who will not be in a position of acquiring education due to low performance that allows him/her to join vocational training schools
  • Support those who will have qualified in vocational training for them to be equipped with knowledge

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