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African Safari accommodations are one of the most vital and important factors to consider when planning your east Africa Safaris and Holidays. We at Kalama Safaris work with reputable and excellent safari camps and logdes in East Africa. Whether looking for accommodations suiting your gorilla trekking expeditions or Wildebeests Migration Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, we got you covered. 

We have the best sorted and hand picked safari accommodations from cities like Nairobi to the bush camps and beach hotels. All our slections are hand picked and inspected by us to ensure that your stay in East Africa is not compromised.

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In East Africa

We have so many variety of safari accommodations in Kenya Tanzania Uganda and Tanzania, all just meant to spice and make your experience in East Africa exemplary. 

We have listed below some of the best accommodations that Kalama Safaris works with. We hope you choose that suites you better and feel will make your stay in East Africa comfortable and relaxing.

We will be glad to offer expertise in choosing them, advising you on which are better according with your preferences. 

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